SWJ Savage Mutants

These creatures were once humans but have long since evolved to handle the irradiated wasteland. Whereas humans are harmed by radiation they are healed by it, allowing them to thrive in environments where humans couldn’t possibly go.

Savage Mutant’s look and smell like rotting corpses with their hair falling out and their skin flaking off. They don’t have ears or noses but retain their sense of hearing and smell. Some even possess the ability to grow grenade-like gourds on their bodies that they can rip off and throw, causing small explosions of radiation or even emit powerful waves of radiation from their bodies.

They come in two general ilk: intelligent and wild.

Intelligent Savage Mutant’s_prefer to be called Meta-Humans and take to being called anything else as a serious insult. They possess incredible regenerative capabilities and longevity outside of being healed by radiation.


Wild Savage Mutant
Wild Savage Mutants are the same except for their intelligence. The evolution had an adverse affect on their brain causing them to become bestial. They concern themselves with food, shelter and safety only and are hostile to everything except other Savage Mutants. Meta-Humans don’t recognize Wild Savage Mutants as kin but sometimes use them as guard dogs, training them for specific purposes.

SWJ Savage Mutants

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