Theodore Richardson

Chef, Chaperone, Master of the Arcane Aura Arts


Name: Theodore Richardson
DoB: November 26th
Age: 45
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Sex: Male
World: AEBpa
Region: Kanto
Height: 6’ 0"
Weight: 180 lbs.
Species: Human
Occupation: Head Chef at the Krabby Club
Marital Status: Single
Spouse: None
Children: None
Favorite Flavor: Spicy
Least Favorite Flavor: Sweet

A somewhat tall and wiry old man, which his long graying black hair tied into a ponytail on the back of his head. His chin is constantly covered in stubble, and he carries a lollipop of varying flavors in his mouth on occasion, changing it with his daily mood. Theo has deeply tanned skin, a result of his birth in the Orre Region. Weary emerald eyes shine out from behind a pair of small round spectacles, a must for someone getting on in years. His shirt is a long sleeved dark purple button up, left untucked over a pair of black pants. The sleeves on his shirt are often rolled up and clipped into place by buttons. His shoes are simple black traveling boots.

Classes: Aura Guardian, Medic, Magus (Creation)
Abilities: First and foremost, Theo is a chef, an occupation he picked up after the unfortunate incident that ended his previous career as a trainer. His restaurant, the Krabby Club, is infamous for the stuff they serve, and he brings all of his culinary knowledge and skill with him wherever he goes. Originally sent along as a chaperone and mentor to the younger trainers, Theo somehow unlocked hidden potential, enabling him to wield Aura. Initially, he bent it externally to heal, but recently he has discovered other methods of manipulating Aura, such as shaping it into offensive attacks or utility magic such as light or glyphs. Most often he uses it for gathering information- sensing the number of potential enemies in the area and how strong they might be. He typically uses a wand as his weapon, a focus which helps him to mold his aura into magic. His studies into the arcane have made him an expert in the field, a handy talent with all the new things that pop up each day to try and murder the party.

In his past, around 20 years ago, Theo was a trainer of some repute. He doesn’t like to, but when Theo gets serious, he’s proven to be quite the powerful trainer. Members of the Battle Castle have reported that he’s the scariest to fight, simply because he’s not using his strongest team, but he’s still making the fights incredibly close. In his first serious match, he flattened hard-hitting Juggler Lauren with his Torterra, Atlas, tanking through three slightly injured Pokemon to take victory. He apparently doesn’t like to do this because he’s more interested in raising his younger Pokemon than any sort of victory.

While hardly relevant to combat, Theo has been known to be capable of playing both the Guitar and Harmonica, and has a passable singing voice. During his time as Athena, Theo practiced a little swordplay, before leaving the sword with the much more athletic female, preferring to reduce the amount of physical stamina he had to burn and function from a range as the party’s primary healer and ranged attacker.

Theo’s Team:
Theo consistently rotates through his roster for a variety of different Pokemon. Here are some of his favorites, and more commonly known mon.

Snout, the Mammoswine – Theo’s first Pokemon for this journey, it took a lot of work to get Snout access to any physical attacks. Then he hit the magic number and a power spike with it: Ice Shard, Bulldoze, and Physical-Shifted Ancientpower make this beast a force to be reckoned with.

Atlas, the Torterra – Theo’s first Pokemon on his original journey, the one who knows him best, and the one who he knows best. Of Theo’s Pokemon, Atlas has been with him the longest, and is Theo’s first choice when he feels he needs a Mon he can entrust everything to. A Physical-shifted Mega Drain is his signature move, but his Bite and Earthquake techniques can hurt quite a lot after a couple Curses.

Pandakai, the Pangoro – Captured in the Safari Zone as a Pancham, Pandakai was always seeking true strength. After being saturated in darkness energy from defeating tons of Sneasel, he evolved into Pangoro. Foolishly believing himself to be the strongest now, he picked a fight with a Fairy and got sent through a wall. Humbled, and perhaps slightly traumatized, Pandakai received training to shift his typing to the Steel element, and his Magnet Bomb and Bullet Punches have complimented his Karate Chop and Comet Punch ever since. The Mawile who smashed his face in entrusted him with an egg, which hatched into Star. He’ll never say it out loud, but he’s a very proud and protective papa.

Star, the Mawile – Adopted Daughter of Pandakai, Star was born with the interesting trait of being a Glass type, a result of her biological Father, a Growlithe. She loves her Papa with all her heart, despite being nearly as big as him, and spent some time in secret training with Auntie Lauren and “Mama”. She’s still young, and hasn’t noticed Jon the Sneasel’s budding interest in her, but she packs a wallop with Crystal Swipe and Sheer Force-boosted Play Roughs and Physical Flamethrowers. She wants to be as strong as her Papa someday.

Leviathan, the Gyarados – Captured almost by accident early on in the adventure, Levitathan’s shiny coloration and knowledge of the move Bounce initially drew Theo to her. After much hard work and training, he finally managed to help her attain the status of Gyarados, making her a powerhouse among his team. While he’s left her out of the action for a while, as the party has been traversing narrow halls and land unfit for a queen of monsters, she’s received the royal treatment with Physical-Shifted Dark Pulse, and the first of Theo’s Pokemon to have a Mega Evolution.

Kamina, the Blastoise – “He takes the blazing sun in his bare hands and endures the searing heat! A man’s man sustained by strength of will! When you hear of the great Kamina, they’re talking about me! You’d best remember that!” He has said that his Drill will pierce the heavens, and while he hasn’t learned the move Drill Run yet, he has proven to be Theo’s primary Water Type attacker, blasting foes away with Water Pulse and Aqua Tail. Nobody knows how he got those pointed sunglasses.

Pix, the Rotom – As a reward for saving the young Nurse Joy, the party was given eggs to care for. Much to Theo’s surprise (as well as his player’s), the egg hatched into a mischievous little Rotom. Pix is very energetic and playful, and enjoys playing pranks on others, but in combat, she’s a special attack powerhouse, and pins foes down with status effects from Thunder Wave, Confuse Ray, and Spite. This makes her very good for capturing Pokemon.

Digit, the Porygon2 -

Locomokoal, the Torkoal -

Igneous, the Sandslash -


Theo was born in the Orre Region, a vast desert where humans had made home around the few water sources available. At the time, he was an aspiring young trainer, and was delighted to recieve his Pokedex at the age of 10, like so many other trainers. With his starter Pokemon, Turtwig, he ventured into the world with the goal of becoming the most powerful trainer. Along the way, he made friends with the Pokemon Ranger Klarth and the Shrine Maiden Judith. As a team, the three tackled some of the most powerful opponents, and left a few old records behind (that have since been broken).

Somewhere along the way, Theo fell in love with his female teammate, but he could never work up the courage to tell her how he felt. Then, one day while traveling though the Rock Tunnel, Theo decided he was going to show off how powerful of a trainer he was to Judith, and maybe impress her enough to gain the courage he needed. However, everything went wrong. His attacks caused a cave-in. He and Klarth made it out. Much to his horror, Judith did not. As he dug her out of the rocks, he saw already that it was too late- her ribs had punctured her own lungs, and they were rapidly filling with blood. Theo wept and begged for forgiveness, and with her last breath, Judith smiled, forgiving him, and saying that she was sorry she had to go, but she loved him. As he felt her hand go limp in his, his heart broke.

For the next few hours, he did not speak, and only carried Judith to the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. Until he buried her properly, he could not even bring himself to look at Klarth or his Pokemon. He passed out in tears at the grave, and Klarth carried him to the Pokemon Center. When he awoke, he announced he was giving up his training license, much to Klarth’s shock. The two yelled at each other for a while, but realizing he wasn’t getting anywhere, Klarth left Theo alone.

For the next couple decades, Theo moved back to Orre, opening a small restaurant until the day he got a call from an old associate, Samuel Oak. Oak requested of his old friend to travel with some new trainers as they journeyed, as a guide and helper. Although reluctant, he left his shop in the care of his assistant and headed out for Kanto.

It was in Pallet Town that he met the young’ns, Lauren and Tobi, and they set off as a group towards Cinnabar Island, where the adventures began. Meeting up with new party member Aishen, who had arrived too late to Pallet Town to catch them there, the party got engaged in a quest to save a young Nurse Joy from the volcano. Along the way, Theo discovered his aura abilities, and innate knack for healing. After saving the Joy from the Heatran who ruled the roost, the party realized they had set loose an Aerodactyl in the volcano and went back in to face it. Another day saved, Tobi decided to stop adventuring, and instead return to work for Professor Oak.

The party challenged Cinnabar Gym, where Theo’s previous experience as a trainer gave him an edge, making him the only one to successfully pass the entire challenge without having any of his Pokemon locked. His Chansey, Estelle, evolved during the Gym Battle, and his Magikarp, Leviathan, evolved shortly afterwards. Seeing Aishen and his draconic parts, Blaine pointed the party to what would become a central location in the story, Niui Island.

The party discovered a lab on Niui, where Team Rocket had once experimented with Genetic infusion technology. After a battle with what appeared to be a hologram program, the party found some files concerning the name “King”. This made Theo flashback to the time when he’d encountered King in the past. It was shortly after this that Felix, who had appeared in the past thanks to the influence of a certain Celebi, arrived on the island. He joined the group, apparently with something he needed to do.

The party had a few struggles after that. Theo pulled a woman out of the ocean while fishing, who turned out to be from another world. Lauren got a quest from another campaign, and they sought out an Azure Shell, guarded by Articuno herself. With the evidence he’d gathered on Niui, Theo confronted Blaine about what had taken place there, and after walking off, Blaine begrudgingly admitted Theo had been right and gave him the keys to a boat, later named the “Fiertia”.

After traveling to Fuchsia City, the party entered the local Gym where a scroll written in aura turned Theo into a 23-year-old woman. Initially not bothered, as it gave him his youth and his energy back, he became horrified to realize that his face looked just like Judith’s had all those years ago. A series of long and arduous quests ensued, during which Theo revealed his story to the party, and the resulting reason why he was so anxious to get back in his old body. After getting completely plastered at a bar, Theo had some sense slapped into him by Felix, and has been slowly working towards overcoming his past.

When the questing completed, Theo finally resumed his original form- though with the ability to switch back and forth between male and female forms. However, he did not retain this ability for long, for when they reached the Heart Shard at the top of the Vampire’s tower, it shattered and shook Theo’s being, splitting him into two existences, Theo and Athena. The pair decided to refer to Athena as Theo’s “Niece”, and the adventure continues.

Theodore Richardson

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